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Technical DirectorGraham Costain

Are you looking for a solution for a difficult technical problem?
Graham has 20 years of technical experience in the security industry with roles at Dove Electronics and Advanced Camera Technologies. His in-depth knowledge ensures he has the answers you and your customers need.

Graham has a reputation of working through technical problems until there’s a satisfactory outcome. The essence to providing great technical support is taking ownership of the issue and working through a process to get a resolution. Graham prides himself on his tenacity in working through technical issues and ensuring technicians have the support they need to get the job done.

20 years experience
Sales DirectorRobert McDowell

Robert understands the project and product requirements from the installer’s perspective because he worked in sales for Chubb’s CCTV division. He picked up technical skills during his time as a qualified Electronics Technician for the Royal New Zealand Navy and his many technical roles including managing the services department for a Auckland based security company.

He has also worked alongside installers/integrators on large projects like Auckland Museum, LSG sky Chefs and created a customised security solution for BP that solved their drive off problem that was so successful it was installed nationwide.

15 years experience
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