Intrepid Fence Protection

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MicroPoint™ II is the industry’s highest performing fence sensor, using proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 1.1 m (3.6 ft) while ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic. The system leverages a unique calibration process, Sensitivity Leveling™, to account for variations in fence fabric or tension to provide uniform detection along the fenceline.

With a coverage area of 400 m (1312 ft) per processor, the MicroPoint™ II system consists of a Processor Module and two sensor cables that are tie-wrapped to a perimeter fence or topper wire. The Processor Module provides the system intelligence to perform powerful alarm signal processing, DC power distribution and data communications networking (via FSK), eliminating the need for extra wiring. Zones are controlled via system software – independent of processor location – keeping hardware costs low and offering maximum flexibility. The number and location of zones can be easily altered to meet changing site conditions.

  • Intrusion Location to 1.1 m (3.6 ft)
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Solves Environmental Nuisance Alarm Problems
  • Site-Adaptive Sensitivity Leveling™
  • Software-Controlled Zoning
  • Uniform Detection Along Fenceline
  • Scalable System Controller Options Plus Available SDK


 Perimeter Protection Video