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The 4 LED Arming Station was designed to be flush or surface mounted, with a sturdy plastic cover & hard-wearing buttons. Four LED's indicate access, alarm, ready & secure status of the area assigned to the TS0003.

The 'access' LED indicates when an area is disarmed (LED will flash when a door is unlocked), 'secure' LED indicates when an area is armed, the 'alarm' LED indicates when an alarm has occurred in an area, and the 'ready' LED indicates an area is ready to be armed. However, when connected to a Version 9 system with fully expanded memory, the LED's can be programmed to indicate any area in the system.

  • Four LEDs are provided to indicate area status
  • The TS0003 can also be used with Challenger Intelligent access controllers for alarm and access control functions
  • One open collector output is available to drive a relay or LED etc.
  • One input is provided which may be used for the Egress function
  • The RAS can be installed up to 1.5km from a Challenger for remote alarm access control